Bespoke jewellery commissions give us an excellent opportunity to work closely with customers to bring unique pieces to life. Collaboration is the key to making your vision a reality. We try to complete commissions within 2 months, but this can sometimes take longer depending on the complexity of the designs and sourcing the raw materials such as the ideal gem. Including as much detail as possible during the conception and sketching phase helps us produce perfect designs. 

First Steps
We need to understand your motivation for the commission. You might have old pieces of jewellery that you want to remodel or a special occasion in your diary! Provided you are seeking an original design we can assist. Hugo has over 10 years of experience in unique creations for the most discerning customers.

Things we need to know are the metal type, gems, inspiration (you can reference Hugo's portfolio or send over photographs), finishings, inscriptions (if any), ideal completion date and budget range.

Creating unique jewellery is something very personal. Hugo starts by talking through ideas, then gathers answers to the "need to know" questions. The ideal scenario is thinking outside the box as we want to bring to life original jewels. The choice of metal should be either gold or platinum, silver is usually only used for prototypes, but occasionally this metal is integrated into bespoke designs. A quote will be then provided within 48 hours. Once you're happy to proceed, Hugo can begin the sketching process.

Because Hugo Madureira's team is a highly specialised group of individuals, and sketching is labour intensive, for anything custom made there is a non-refundable deposit required of £500 for Hugo to produce initial drawings which include two rounds of amendments. The drawings will at first be computer-aided, later narrowed down to more detailed designs until together we have met your brief.

Hugo reserves the right to render an interim invoice for costly gems purchased for your commission. When your commission is completed, Hugo will render an invoice for the total value less the deposit paid and any interim invoice rendered. The original quote is valid for a year (not including metal costs that can oscillate).

We look forward to making your bespoke jewellery dreams come true.