Hugo Madureira

Hugo Madureira is a visionary artist in the realm of high jewellery. With a diverse educational background spanning product design, jewellery making and visual arts, Hugo's creative journey led him to the vibrant city of London in 2012. He meticulously honed his craft there, designing exquisite pieces for prestigious European jewellery houses.

In 2019, the stars aligned, and Hugo realised his long-awaited dream with the birth of his eponymous brand, HUGO MADUREIRA. Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking natural wonders and captivating geometric marvels found in every corner of the globe, his creations are a testament to the beauty of exploration and travel, an intrinsic component of his artistic process. As you delve into Hugo's website, you'll be captivated by the visual tapestry he has carefully woven over the last two decades. The images he has artfully captured during his travels seamlessly complement his exceptional jewellery collections, providing profound context to the soulful narratives behind each piece.

2022 marks a significant chapter in Hugo's journey as he partially returns to his native Portugal. After completing a meticulous restoration of a historic house in Lisbon, the scenic backdrop of his homeland continues to infuse his works with an air of timeless elegance and cultural richness.